Thai Food Tenerife

asian food salon Costa Silencio

Aranya Thai Food Tenerife is a small but fine eatery to sit and take away at Costa del Silencio and Las Galletas at Ten Bel shopping nr.2 with master Thai chef Tom and assistant who put their soul into their product made with daily fresh products and beautiful sauces they  put their knowledge and quality in preparing the food, you won’t regret it if you taste their dishes for example Pad Thai, Massaman curry, Pad Ped Aranya with fried duck it is amazing, you taste this delicacy, look on the foodpage 


Pure Thai food salon

Thai food consists of many dishes with an aromatic bite that is not spicy but with different tastes and smells that make it complete

Mouth watering meals

Asian Thai cuisine knows no limits

Aranya Thai food has a menu card with 28 dishes that all have a connection to a diverse taste

thai omelet with acasia shoots
thai seefood soup
stink bean and shrimp curry
Mix starters
Daily delivery fresh food

We use fresh products for the dishes every day

Making pure Thai food is an art, and the chefs of this restaurant are master in it. If you need to find yourself in a tranquil place with delicious asian Thai food, this is the place to be, no regrets

The supervisor

If you will come by bus take 467 and by car ther is a big parking 50 meters from the food salon. Make your Thai day compleet with Thai food and Thai massage on the same day, first the massage and then the food. I am Aranya and i will answer your call, Thai food Tenerife and Aranya Thai massage on Tenerife are two delicous aspects of life, If you like a Thai massage come to Aranya Thai massage Las Americas and Bua Thai wellness on the Costa Adeje Tenerife, read the reviews on TripAdvisor and Google map. Thai food and Thai massage very near your hotel or place where you stay.